If we devalue the punishment system does that mean we’ll reintroduce the Guillotine for the real bad crimes such as plunder and looting on a biblical scale?

According to Andrew Neilson we are devaluing the punishment system by sentencing 16 olds for stealing two scoops of ice cream to go to prison for 6 months or 20-22 year olds for 4 years for making drunken jokes “inciting violence” on facebook which didn’t even happen as a result of that joke!

This means that inevitably people will ask for more draconian punishment for more serious crimes such as rape and murder.

I wonder by the time the sheeple are really waking up will they demand the Guillotine again for when it’s the turn of the real big gangsters: The ones looting our economies, demanding bailouts and austerity measures to pay for their scandalous frauds?

Am I inciting now? To them probably I am but somebody has to point out that inevitably people will wake up and the result is almost always ugly, violent and destructive. Hundreds of burned out and ruined châteaus in France bear witness to that fact.

I don’t want to see that kind of mayhem on the streets (not even against the banksters) which is why I write about it while I still can!

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