The global economy is collapsing but Kiwi’s have highest confidence in 7 months?!!

If you want to know how far the average Kiwi is removed from reality you have to look no further than yesterdays MSM newspapers. In an awesome display of ignorance and denial it showed in polls that Kiwi’s think that all is hunky dory and that “she’ll be sweet” in the global economy.

I don’t know what’s worse, the slavish devotion to John Key (valiantly shaking off Down grading threats) who as a true lieutenant in the global Mafia family that is the banking elite is preparing for the whole sale sell off of Kiwi assets and who with his incessant borrowing has loaded NZ up with a huge debt or this vacuous, uninformed, starry eyed optimism in the face of what is arguably the worst economic collapse in human history and that includes the “Great” depression.

We are hurdling to what in current idiom will no doubt become known as the “Epic Fail” Depression locally translating in a collapsing house market, a huge job loss and  a possible  inevitable  “Export driven recession depression” but the Muppets in the street are happy in their conviction it will be all right!

For those of you who are of the “she’ll be sweet” persuasion…. when you’re ready….. Here are some pointers to help you with a much needed reality check and if you like me are one of those biting their nails in anticipation please use the same pointers to help your bubble wrapped mates wake up before it is to late!

  1. Since all the jobs have been exported from the biggest economy and that biggest economy in the world is now the biggest debtor in the world there is not going to be any economic recovery (Well not in the next 50 years that is) Some tent camps get 50 people a day needing a place to put up their tent after they lost their jobs, homes and cars. Here is one in Sacramento, New York, Las VegasWhole cities are collapsing and disappearing in the USA, Detroit, Gary (Indiana) to name a few are beyond salvation already.
  2. Some 46 million people are on food stamps and of those 25% are children.
  3. During the Great depression 80% of the population lived on the land and was able to grow food. Today 20% of the population lives on the land and grow their own food. That is a 100% reversal. 80% of the population lives in Urban areas and has no way to provide home grown food for themselves and are slowly but surely turning to crime, prostitution and violence to provide for themselves and theirs.
  4. China which is for some reason where NZ turns to in the hopes of making a buck is totally reliant on the US as the biggest consumer for their success and even they down graded the US after the debt ceiling debacle and the only way they have been able to keep the bubble going is by building new cities nobody is living in and infrastructure projects that nobody is using. The Chinese are paid slave wages which helped their families a little but at great personal loss and now that they are send back home to their rural areas poverty will creep back in to devastating effect and social unrest is rife but doesn’t often make the mainstream news.
  5. The wars the US is engaged in have cost many trillions of dollars and the tax breaks for the rich have sapped the economy of the US dry like the body feasted upon by a horde of thirsty vampires and there is no resilience left in the exhausted population of millions who have worked harder and harder for less and less pay without holidays and rest often taking two or three jobs to make ends meet for years on end.
  6. Europe’s economies are no betterthan that of the US. Their jobs have been outsourced too and whatever is left of the local economies is being sapped dry by the military industrial complex in the shape of illegal wars of aggression against Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya to name a few. There are no local industries except in Germany and the service industries are grinding down because of the lack of real wealth producing jobs.My home country Holland has 17 million people living on a piece of land that is comparable to Northland. The country would need 70x more land to feed it’s population and in the case of collapse 17 million people will be out of food within two days!

I could go on and on and on but let’s keep it simple for now. If we can’t sell our produce to people overseas because they have no jobs or money to buy our butter and milk or wood or meat then we are producing stuff nobody can afford and that means it will sit in our warehouses and while farmers at the moment can get away with overcharging the local population that too will end and we too are primarily a service industry with no real wealth producing jobs for the local population (And slave conditions for overseas work forces). It is a recipe for disaster and I really hope Kiwi’s will wake up to this. Sooner rather than later!

3 thoughts on “The global economy is collapsing but Kiwi’s have highest confidence in 7 months?!!

  1. All Nz’s Problems started in 1961 when we signed the International Finance Act and took on the Kosher Rothschild IMF central Bank
    This is when Chem Trailing started too
    Kiwi’s have been betrayed and shite on

  2. “During the Great depression 80% of the population lived on the land and was able to grow food. Today 20% of the population lives on the land and grow their own food. That is a 100% reversal. ”

    Or a 400% reversal, depending on your maths.

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