Revolution is not heroic, it’s ugly, murderous and inevitable if the rich keep looting the economy!

For some Revolution is a heroic word. For some it paints pictures of men and women striding forward to take back their lives and their hopes and who have their senses about them as they finally wake up to the tricks of the ruling elite.

But it’s not. Revolution is not the result of enlightenment in the under classes. It is not some miracle change in society which enables them to rise up and make a better country for everybody.

Revolution is one of the ugliest things that can happen in a society and it wounds, kills and destroys innocents and property and before things get better it gets a whole lot worse.

Revolution is what happens when pressure reaches a flashpoint and like an explosion the outcome is one of devastation and utter destruction and once it starts it won’t stop until that pressure has evaporated and the origin has been dealt with. It’s like a festering wound and as long as the infection burns the flames will lap at the rest of the body politic taking whatever healthy tissue is left with it.

Revolution starts when those who have no longer a stake in the existing paradigm and who have nothing left to loose loose it. In England it was the death of a small time drug dealer who was killed when a police bullet hit him when it was alleged the police tried to “arrest” him.

If every other guy is trying to make ends meet with selling dope and the rest is hustling to buy their dope in order to forget the hopelessness and poverty while reading the news papers and seeing rich bankers getting bonuses for doing nothing but destroying whatever wealth is left after their corporation mates have exported solid jobs to China  you have a recipe for disaster. That is the start of a revolution.

Were does it end? In a bloodbath if there is still enough money to go around in the middle class but it could go all the way and turn society around if the rich keep looting and the middle class becomes part of the underclass.

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