Of course people riot and of course they loot, Not a nice thing but this is what happens when the system protects the rich and punishes the poor!

But the left, the Anglo-American left? Where and what do our most prominent public intellectuals, including those with booking agents charging five-digit lecture fees, have to say about this world-wide revolt? Nary a word is found in left, center-left magazines, web sites and blogs. During their lucrative lectures, they thunder against the immoralities of war and climate change. They hurl imprecations against rulers and exploiters and their immoralities, and the bellicose interests they represent (with special exemption of the ubiquitous Zionist Power configuration). Yet there is hardly a mention of the purveyors of the global cancer which is literally eating away the bread of everyday life of billions of people. They talk of a ‘peace movement’, (which has disappeared); of one or another dissident electoral candidate; and reminisce over youth revolts 50 years ago. But like the intellectuals who sipped their wine while the revolting masses headed for the Bastille, they are at best irrelevant, unblinking spectators to the greatest turmoil of the new millennium. James Petras

I linked to this article on 21th of August 2008 and much as I hate it this is another “I told you so” moment.

Our left wing intellectuals incorporated by the ruling elite are sipping their cold glass of white wine discussing politics in their “Salons” drinky poo evenings while the hordes are venting their pent up rage after years of bankster bail outs and open elite corruption.

Unless they pull finger this will happen more and more and it will happen here too with more than a quarter of unemployed in that vulnerable “let’s go loot and take what we want because our brain halves haven’t fully grown yet” age.

All it takes is another young man shot by the police for a minor offence and enough young people angry and unemployed to take to the streets and we won’t be needing the terrifying images of mobs looting and burning in the streets. Such is the nature of populist anger as people loose their faith in a system that protects the wealthy and criminalises and targets being poor.

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