OK girls, listen up… The low down on your babe du jour John Key!

Ok, girls I understand… He’s rich and he’s powerful so that gets the hormones going but here are a few things you ought to know before you tear off your panties and throw them at the man.

John Key doesn’t like you. He doesn’t give a flying fuck about women. Oh, you say, “but he’s married and has kids so he must like women?”

No I don’t mean it in that way. He may be married and he may have children and I’m sure he cares for Bronagh and all that stuff but let’s get back to were he was working before he came here to have you wet your panties over him.

John Key worked at Merrill Lynch. He did not just work at the bank he ran whole departments of it and was right there at the top and guess what; Merrill Lynch is known as the most sexually abusive bank in the world.

Here are a few links to some of it’s most notorious scandals here, here, here and remember John Key telling us that he went to strip clubs? Well that is what they did to keep women out of the old boys network! So when you see him looking all smiling and tender at Bronagh remember she is the little housewife who let her man go to strip clubs because that was part of his job keeping women out of the banking top. That’s the sort of women  John Key likes.

Added to that do you remember him slating women who were “Breeding for welfare“? That is how he likes to talk about women. Like we are dumb breeders who fuck and get children for money!

And another thing how do you think you are going to get a job if there is no more or only very expensive childcare? Or if you want to take night classes so you can better yourself and get a better job? Those things will be gone or have already gone the way of the dinosaur. And why? Because John Doesn’t think that women need those things if they could just hold on to a man and be good little housewives.

When you go to the election booth in November do you have a man you can hold on too and who will pay for everything and who will make you into his nice little housewife or are you like most women in need of a second job in the family to make ends meet because, if you have man he doesn’t earn enough and if you are single you need a job because you have to feed your kids and in order to do so you need affordable childcare and maybe a night course to educate yourself and get a better job?

If the answer is the second half of the previous paragraph I suggest you look away from your babe du jour and keep your panties firmly around your tender parts and vote for someone who has your interest at hart.

9 thoughts on “OK girls, listen up… The low down on your babe du jour John Key!

  1. Fascinating response from a gentleman reading a blog addressed to the girls. I do believe the subject here is John Key and how he doesn’t give a flying fuck about woman.

    Extraordinary that you would bother. Perhaps you should go and join the hierarchy of Merrill Lynch.

  2. Oh please, what makes you think any female has the hots for the smiling assassin. They may want to infiltrate his space, and hope power and greed rub off but to suggest that we find him sexually attractive is a joke, Do you not credit us with any style and taste, I find your comments degrading to women and thats a shame because generally you write an intelligent article, but not this time.

  3. I get literally hundreds of emails a day but yours and Clare Swinneys are always the first I look at in a day. Well I have to tell you this morning I spit my coffee all over the key board as I roared laughing (not that this is a laughing matter in any way)

    Sad thing is many of the women he’s talking about could afford to throw their panties at this monster even if they felt the need.

    Take a bow for saying it like it is! Nailed it.

    • Wow, Rose what an awesome compliment!! Thanks! Forgot to put the links in so I’ll update it now.

          • Right, you’ve been trolling this site now for a couple of days Greg. I’ll be jotting down your IP address and consider this a warning. One more and you’re off. One thing to put down why you object or want to debate but quite another to stalk.

            Have a nice day!

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