So who did John Key meet in the US ? no:2 Timothy Geithner

Pension robber Geithner talking with one of his mates. Oh no, is that ex-Wall street banker John Key, now Prime minister of New Zealand?

When John key went to America two weeks ago he met a lot of people. We don’t know all of them and I’m pretty sure they won’t send me his itinerary but if someone out there has it I would love to have a peek. One of the people he did meet other then Ben “Helicopter” Bernanke was Timothy Geithner.

John and Geithner go back a bit and it is most definitely not the first time their paths have crossed.

Timothey Geithner is currently the secretary of treasury and like ole Helicopter he oversees the biggest financial collapse in world history albeit form another perch. Namely that of a government secretary tasked with preventing just such an occasion. But he doesn’t! In fact you might say he is an active participant in the down fall of the US and here is why:

Timothy Geithner has a lurid history. For starters like so many rich Americans he doesn’t like to pay taxes and has been caught shirking this duty but still made it to a place that should arguably go to the most honest of people if only to avoid the mere thought of improprieties.

Added to that his his CV reads like a banksters thriller.

He was personally vetted for high office while working for war criminal and friend of the bin Laden family Henry Kissinger for example and went to work for the treasury department were he worked under Robert Rubin and Larry Summers both named as his mentors and him their protege which makes him dubiously honoured as both are widely regarded as some of the most corrupt capitalists in the entire world. Rubin oversaw the repeal of the Glass Steagall act which until 1997 kept the banksters in check but the repeal of which opened the door of the chicken coop to the foxes with the current financial collapse as a result!

Robert Rubin has an interesting link to our own John Key too by the way. John Key served on the Foreign Exchange Committee. This is a committee widely regarded as a vetting ground for banksters and their suitability for political roles and as it happens Robert Rubin was asked to join this upon invitation only club in the year 1996 together with John Key’s boss Stephen Belotti. Robert Rubin as the records show was at the time working for AIG (of mortgage derivatives fame) and Stephen of course represented Merrill Lynch. The appointment for this club is for three years so in 1999 they left the club but not before installing John Key as the follow up of Belotti. 1999 when John Key was appointment was the year Merrill Lynch was the biggest derivatives dealer and John Key headed the department for bonds and Derivatives for Europe and for forex globally so he was a big boy in the shark invested Wall street waters.

But let’s get back to Timothy Geithner. Timothy was invited to become a member of the Council of foreign relations in 2002 and the president of the Federal Reserve of New York in 2003. With Summers and Robert Rubin as mentors I hope you can see where this leads. I’ll give you a hint Dagong the Chinese rating agency is on the verge of rating the US less than it’s AAA standing as early as next week. Agreement over the debt ceiling or not. Timothy is as bankster insider as you can get and I hope that in the near future he like Bernanke and many others will have to defend himself for his crimes in a court of law or failing that a quick fix with the Guillotine will do too.

So this leaves me with another question I would like to put to John Key: Why did you meet with Timothy Geithner and what did you talk about?

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