Norway to Set Up Commission to Investigate Attacks

And this is how it should have been done for the 911 attacks too. Instead it was left to the Jersey girls and other family members to fight for more that a year to even get close to an investigation and when the commission started it’s investigation it was clear that the people on that committee was stacked with government insiders.

Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg says his government will set up an independent commission to investigate the shooting and bomb attack that killed at least 76 people last week.

Mr. Stoltenberg said Wednesday it is important to investigate all aspects of Friday’s twin attacks by a Norwegian ultranationalist to learn from what happened. At a news conference, the prime minister promised to review the performance of Norway’s security services after a period of national mourning for the victims.

Domestic critics say Norwegian police were slow to respond to the shooting attack that killed at least 68 people on the southern island of Utoeya, where hundreds of youth activists had gathered for a ruling Labor Party retreat.

Utoeya is about 40 kilometers from the capital, Oslo, where the confessed killer, Anders Behring Breivik, had detonated a car bomb shortly before going to the island. The blast killed eight people and wrecked Mr. Stoltenberg’s office building.

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