In your dreams: NZ economy to accelerate, even as world soft, says Westpac

Yesterday, Westpac chief economist Dominick Stephens told us that we have nothing to worry about because for some reason we are sometimes out of sync with the rest of the world and as we have had a few disasters and the rugby cup which for some reason will bring in the big bucks what will the rebuilding and huge influx of rich people from all over the world for the cup and all.

I don’t know were Dominick got his degree but I put it to you it was not on this planet and I would really like to know what colour the sky is on his because it clearly can’t be blue or grey.

Dominick’s vision of our near future supported by the rebuilding of a doomed city which will attract whatever is left the builders workforce on the North Island since most who became unemployed in the last two years of economic down turn have left already for OZ and are not likely to come back any time soon and the Rugby cup for which it seems there are plenty of tickets left with hotels asking prizes the kind of people loving rugby simply cannot afford especially not when the entire economic system is collapsing as we speak may a pretty pink one on his planet but here on Earth the grey clouds are gathering.

A soft patch? Give me a break. That sounds like the little puddle at the end of my veggie patch not the Tsunami that is the reality we are facing.

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