False flag indicators recorded in the Norway attacks. So when will it happen here?

For those of us aware that elites throughout the ages have used False flag events to manipulate their populations into wars and other unfavourable directions every event out of the ordinary, violent and given to a populations in easy sound bites with a recognisable narrative is cause for concern.

So too the events occurring the last couple of days in Oslo where a “maniacal” lonely right wing Christian madman went on a rampage killing more then 90 young people who gathered on an Island for a yearly gathering after exploding a massive home made bomb in a governmental office block.

A neat and complete story repeated a thousand times around the world and still stuff doesn’t add up and this is why:

  • Like on 911 there was no response from the military or the police until it was way to late. In fact the helicopter response team was on holiday (according to Veteran today’s Gordon Duffy there are 6 rescue and response helicopters) and while a news helicopter was filming the progress of the massacre on the Island the police had to go to the Island by boat. Private citizens are reported to have saved about a hundred kids while the police were twiddling their thumbs.
  • While the events is pictured as the result of inept police work they were able to pull finger and knew the name of the perpetrator before the arrest .
  • According to Sky news the Nordic M15 had the alleged perpetrator in it’s visor from March onwards.
  • There are reports of more than one shooter on the Island but only one of them is being put forward in the MSM.

Often in the run up and on the day itself there are exercises which are mirroring the future events. Did this happen in Norway? Well as it turned out there were exercises a year before and a day before the attacks in the Centre of Oslo which as you may recall was the stage of another alleged suicide bombing attack less than a year before the recent attack. In this attack it was alleged an Iraqi man was the perpetrator which begs the question: If it happened before why weren’t they more alert  for repeat performances?

While I don’t want to draw any conclusions yet let’s keep an open mind and let’s watch what’s happening around us in the mean time. Israeli backpackers, collapsing economies and six ongoing wars while the US is teetering on the brink while this country is chock-a-block with valuable resources and houses a population unwilling to privatise while our Prime minister talks with Geithner, Bernanke, Napolitano and gets a 1 on 1 in terrorism at the Pentagon. This does not bode well for our city centres. Keep your eyes open and your finger on the pulse!

5 thoughts on “False flag indicators recorded in the Norway attacks. So when will it happen here?

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  2. Hi Rose, Thank you for your kind words. It’s what keeps me going. And yes I agree, Christchurch is very much part of it. I like Trillion’s songs about it very much!

  3. and please excuse the typo – our heads are being messed with by chems and HAARP vibrations down here

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