No shit: John Key is very worried about the US economy!

John Key is going to visit the US and he is granted an audience with the new Emperor! You know the one of ebony colour and great skills in the verbal department. the pied piper who chanted: “Yes we can”  with all the children Americans following him thinking he really meant Change! 

It turns out that John Key is very worried about the US economy and if I were him I would be too. Maybe the fact that he has millions of dollars in shares, derivative and bonds in the Bank of America and since he was the head of the bonds and derivatives department of Merrill Lynch Europe he should know something about these fancy new fangled financial products he sold to unsuspecting pension funds and the like.

He also knows that if America goes belly up and the US banks collapse under the weight of all their crappy financial toilet paper he will loose much of the fortune he spend 20 years amassing and that can’t be a nice feeling.

Added to that you might begin to ask yourself if perhaps signing a free trade agreement with a country on the verge of total collapse might actually be a good idea. I can tell you one thing; John Key knows it is not but try telling that to the good ole boys of the farmers federation who still think that their milk will carry the day even if nobody can afford to pay for it any more with all their currency inflating to nothing.

The US is screwed with or without the QE3. There is no more economy. All the jobs have gone to China and when Americans can no longer afford to spend their credit card credit and second mortgage loans on the plastic crap they produce in China, China will also collapse and John Key will be sort of between a rock and a hard place.

He’s a bankster and some day soon the population of New Zealand are going find out the hard way what that means  and why he is a traitor to this country. With a bit of luck he will use his last money to take a plane to Hawaii with his wife and children were he will drink radioactive milk while he contemplates how it could go so terribly wrong while we here in New Zealand have to clean up the mess he left behind.

But don’t worry, he is going to use his visit to the Ebony One to ascertain what direction the US thinks it’s going to go and he being a bankster who is used to people trying to be honest so he can screw them over thinks that the Emperor with the enchanting smile, the voice of an angel and the mind of a slithering snake will tell him honestly and he will be saved.

He’ll be lucky if they let him live but all it will cost him is the future of New Zealand and all its resources.

Prepare for the last great looting of this country!

5 thoughts on “No shit: John Key is very worried about the US economy!

  1. It’s worthwhile noting that he’s also meeting with Timothy Geithner and Ben Bernanke while in Washington, probably more significant than his meeting with Obama (after all, Obama is just a puppet). Then it’s across to the west coast of America… to attend the Bohemian Grove going ons?

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