The global economic collapse is progressing and accelerating!

Sometimes when I read the news and the blogs specialised in Economics and the collapse in progress I think about my friend A. I ran afoul of my friendship with him but I prefer to still think of him as a friend as he helped us out when we first arrived here in NZ.

A. is  a dairy farmer  and therefore a National voter almost by default. We talked about 911 and the inevitable economic collapse and as you might expect he thought we (husband and I) were conspiracy nuts and we inevitably ran afoul with each other when I had the audacity to call ANZAC day a celebration of militarism and that the poor sods killed in the rich men’s wars were merely pawns in the propaganda wars to promote continued involvement in illegal wars of aggression and conquest.

He also thought that if America were to collapse there would always be China to sell his milk too and when I explained that China was like the bar with only one or two customers drinking on credit and that China would collapse when it turned out these customers could not pay the bill predictably he thought that I had no idea what I was talking about.

I wonder what he thinks now?

With QE3 looming and the prices going up and the Eurozone collapsing before our very eyes. With China bubbling away, stumbling towards economic collapse building empty cities and tens of thousands of middle class families sleeping in their cars or tents and no end insight as there are no more jobs and factories are closed and exported to China?

I wonder what he thinks now about John Key with his millions of shares in collapsing banks which only will survive if they bankrupt the real world with taxes and inflation and fraudulent debt?

I wonder?

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