Anti-Zionism growing amongst Jews

How confusing this must be to most Kiwi’s!

Due to their ignotrance (typo but is is so very much how most Kiwi’s blunder through life I’ve decided to keep it in) in most matters overseas and the constant propaganda from the New Zealand Zionist Federation which supported John Key’s accent to the Prime ministerial seat to most Kiwi’s Zionism = Judaism and to protest the war crimes of Israel is akin to anti-Semitism which to most Kiwi’s means to be against Judaism while it actually means to be against all peoples who speak a Semitic language of which Israel is just one!


Why not listen to a group of Jews to explain what is happening in Israel and the occupied territories and take their lead:

  • The regime in Israel is committing war crimes using Judaism which is a religion as an argument to commit genocide and suppress the Palestinian population in what is a purely secular crime spree.
  • There is nothing anti-Semitic in wanting to speak in favour of Justice for the Palestinian population who are another people who speak a Semitic language.
  • Zionism is a purely secular political movement which while using Judaism is nothing more than an ordinary land grab in a resource (oil and gas) rich area which the West wants for itself without having to compensate the local native populations.
  • Jews have been living for millennia in Arab countries peacefully co-existing with local populations both before and after the prophet Mohammed taught about Islam and both religions accept a common ancestry and while Jews do not accept Jesus as a prophet, Muslims do but without the vitriolic hatred towards Jews that Christians have  in Europe.

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