Power point presentations!!!

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been a bit slow with posting but to be hones I have been thinking about how to move forward.

As a result I am currently working on several power point presentations on several subjects:

  • Derivatives: Financial weapons of mass destruction.
    History and use of Derivatives translated into simple understandable language
  • John Key and Derivatives and how he made his millions
    John Key’s history in banking and how he made his money
  • Recent Wall street banking history and the reasons for the sub prime crisis and the bubble and bust cycles.
    The banking history of Wall street over the last 35 years and how the Wall street banksters set the global economy up to fail.
  • Merrill Lynch, Bank of America PIIGS and John Key.
    Why John Key is still very much a banker and why he has a huge conflict of interest where it concerns the borrowing of the NZ Government.

This means that while I will link to the odd post I consider of importance I will have to spend most of my time writing and editing to get these presentations made.

I hope you will invite me to speak on these subjects when they are finished. With the upcoming election I think it is very important people vote with all of the relevant information available.

3 thoughts on “Power point presentations!!!

    • Welcome to you too dad4justice! behave and we’ll get along just fine. In the mean time sticks and stones…. and all that.

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