Parliament Square anti-war protester Brian Haw, 62, dies

A true hero. RIP.

Over the last decade he fought off many an attempt to remove him from Parliament Square.

But in the end it was only death that succeeded in ending Brian Haw’s long campaign.

Britain’s most famous protester died over the weekend after losing his battle with lung cancer.

Tributes poured in yesterday to the figure who became a familiar face to many MPs and tourists over the last 10 years when he lived in a tent on the square.

The 62-year-old first pitched his tent on the green opposite the Houses of Parliament in protest against the UK’s policy in Iraq and elsewhere on June 2, 2001.

It began as a response to economic sanctions and British and American bombing raids on Iraq, but his angry messages daubed on hand-written posters grew after the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.

His tent and collection of horrific pictures of war victims, accompanied by slogans like ‘baby killers’, offended many who demanded he be removed from the hallowed ground where the statues of Winston Churchill and Sir Robert Peel stand.

But this month he marked ten years living on the square.

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