I-pad, China and its inevitable collapse.

China houses a billion people. Many of those have to earn their crust under atrocious circumstances. They are so atrocious many of them commit suicide and if you want to work for the company that makes I-pads you now have to sign a contact promising you won’t commit suicide.

That said many Chinese counted themselves lucky to have a job even if their circumstances were no better than modern day slavery but with their biggest costumer the US collapsing even those jobs are disappearing and the people are getting angry. With anger at their work circumstances, the massive corruption and the abject poverty if they don’t have jobs and this is the cause of the many riots breaking out all over the Country.


AN eruption of protests throughout China has sent armoured vehicles into town centres, prompted an internet blackout by the government and left thousands across the country blogging about “crazy” violence on the streets.

The summer surge of protests, which flared in the southern industrial hub of Zengcheng over the weekend, has been linked to a range of frustrations with modern China – furies that have drawn the government into crackdowns on activism and massive increases in the domestic security budget.

More than 1000 migrant workers went on the rampage in Zengcheng after a pregnant street vendor in her 20s was roughed up by security guards. Such incidents, while distressing, are not uncommon. Witnesses said that the centre of town was bedlam, with smashed windows, blazing police vehicles and teargas explosions as rioters hurled missiles at an official building. One bank worker blogged that the Bank of China had ordered an immediate halt to all ATM transactions.

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