Bilderberg 2011: The Rockefeller World Order and the “High Priests of Globalization”

Of course not a lot of people here even know about the existence of the Bilderberg group. But they should because their ambassador to the US is a Bilderberg man. He was cordially invited to take part in the 2000 Bilderberg meeting and once you’re in your in. He is the link with Bilderberg and John Key to make just one not to fine a point. Michael Moore, labour party man, ex-finance minister, WTO CEO and one time prime minister today is serving as the ambassador to the US and him together with John Key and Don Brash are the three finance guys guiding New Zealand towards a new World Order.

The title of Mike Moore’s latest book? Saving Globalisation. I rest my case!


by Andrew Gavin Marshall

To say we were striving for a one-world government is exaggerated, but not wholly unfair. Those of us in Bilderberg felt we couldn’t go on forever fighting one another for nothing and killing people and rendering millions homeless. So we felt that a single community throughout the world would be a good thing.[1]

– Denis Healey, 30-year member of the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg Group

The ‘Foundations’ of the Bilderberg Group

The Bilderberg Group, formed in 1954, was founded in the Netherlands as a secretive meeting held once a year, drawing roughly 130 of the political-financial-military-academic-media elites from North America and Western Europe as “an informal network of influential people who could consult each other privately and confidentially.”[2] Regular participants include the CEOs or Chairman of some of the largest corporations in the world, oil companies such as Royal Dutch Shell, British Petroleum, and Total SA, as well as various European monarchs, international bankers such as David Rockefeller, major politicians, presidents, prime ministers, and central bankers of the world.[3] The Bilderberg Group acts as a “secretive global think-tank,” with an original intent to “to link governments and economies in Europe and North America amid the Cold War.”[4]

In the early 1950s, top European elites worked with selected American elites to form the Bilderberg Group in an effort to bring together the most influential people from both sides of the Atlantic to advance the cause of ‘Atlanticism’ and ‘globalism.’ The list of attendees were the usual suspects: top politicians, international businessmen, bankers, leaders of think tanks and foundations, top academics and university leaders, diplomats, media moguls, military officials, and Bilderberg also included several heads of state, monarchs, as well as senior intelligence officials, including top officials of the CIA, which was the main financier for the first meeting in 1954.[5]

The European founders of the Bilderberg Group included Joseph Retinger and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. Prince Bernhard had, incidentally, been a member of the Nazi Party until 1934, three years prior to his marrying the Dutch Queen Juliana, and had also worked for the German industrial giant, I.G. Farben, the maker of Zyklon B, the gas used in concentration camps.[6] On the American side, those who were most prominent in the formation of the Bilderberg Group were David Rockefeller, Dean Rusk (a top official with the Council on Foreign Relations who was then the head of the Rockefeller Foundation), Joseph Johnson (another Council leader who was head of the Carnegie Endowment), and John J. McCloy (a top Council leader who became Chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank in 1953 and was also Chairman of the Board of the Ford Foundation).[7]

The fact that the major American foundations – Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Ford – were so pivotal in the origins of the Bilderberg Group is not a mere coincidence. The foundations have, since their founding at the beginning of the 20th century, been the central institutions in constructing consensus among elites, and creating consent to power. They are, in short, the engines of social engineering: both for elite circles specifically, and society as a whole, more generally. As Professor of Education Robert F. Arnove wrote in his book Philanthropy and Cultural Imperialism:

Foundations like Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Ford have a corrosive influence on a democratic society; they represent relatively unregulated and unaccountable concentrations of power and wealth which buy talent, promote causes, and, in effect, establish an agenda of what merits society’s attention. They serve as “cooling-out” agencies, delaying and preventing more radical, structural change. They help maintain an economic and political order, international in scope, which benefits the ruling-class interests of philanthropists and philanthropoids – a system which… has worked against the interests of minorities, the working class, and Third World peoples.[8]
These foundations had been central in promoting the ideology of ‘globalism’ that laid the groundwork for organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg Group to exist. The Rockefeller Foundation, in particular, supported several organizations that promoted a ‘liberal internationalist’ philosophy, the aim of which:

was to support a foreign policy within a new world order that was to feature the United States as the leading power – a programme defined by the Rockefeller Foundation as ‘disinterested’, ‘objective’ and even ‘non-political’… The construction of a new internationalist consensus required the conscious, targeted funding of individuals and organizations who questioned and undermined the supporters of the ‘old order’ while simultaneously promoting the ‘new’.[9]

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16 thoughts on “Bilderberg 2011: The Rockefeller World Order and the “High Priests of Globalization”

  1. I read an article recently of a candidate who attended and wrote about the bilderberg meetings.

    The ONE WORLD order is fantastic???? Just see what it uses as an excuse to get it and how it manipulates in a peaceful way to control everyones life.

    1. Democracy – for nations who are under dictator ship – take over it by giving the people a say but control their life, finances
    2. Racism – it only happens to coloured people
    3. Terrorism – only people who fight the cause to get their freedom back but do it in a violent way so we attack them for the way they live
    4. Dictator ship – it is a peoples power who put people at the top but it should also be a people’s power to remove. It is not to allow these candidates to walk in and proclaim that they will save you when it is no further then the truth.
    5. Vaccination – contaminate vaccines so that drug companies have a say and continue to make medicines that even to some extent has falsified results to validate their cause.
    6. Control over money – create derivatives so that everyone buys them and manipulates the stock market so that when stock buyers/candidates purchase at a low and talks up the market. When it goes high, they sell it – take the cash. Then talk it low and the it goes down so they buy at low. Vicious cycle. The entire Billions are wiped off a stock market in one day.
    7. 24.7 monitor devices – no peace for anyone who wants it.
    8. Religion – ours is better then yours so families can often turn against themselves.
    9. Sell the countries assets
    10. Cause mischief so voters don’t vote for the non-candidates…..

    The list goes on

    What does freedom means to us?????

    Read the book – Author anonymous by a former CIA – can’t remember title.

    And who are responsible for the stock market manipulation since 1800s, 1920s depression, 1980s and todays. There are lots of library books that are available about the manipulators. So when we vote – consider who we are voting and what control candidates have over them – death threats to everyone associated.

    I like to see my grandchildren be free of all these and live a life for a cause

    • Did you know that Mike Moore the current New Zealand Ambassador to the US is a Bilderberg and trilateral man?

  2. Hey, great point’s guys!! I have been watching info wars for some time now too, and i feel there is a lot of dis info as well. Like all sites that are out there i guess. Project Camelot is another popular one. I wish i was computer savvy.. i would set up an NZ forum in a heart beat, so we can all look overseas activity as well as putting our own govt under the microscope as well. When i tried to google any info from here in NZ, this was the only one that come up. Do yous know of any other site that we can maybe chat on as a Kiwi Collective? Thanks. Maria

    • I am sorry maria, I cannot help in that department – I only stumbled on this like you did!

      Yeah, a Kiwi collective site would be good. I have noticed some people speaking out about NWO or Globalization as it seems to be referred to now.
      I think a lot of people are aware of it but a majority of them fob it off or not take it as seriously as (obviously) yourself, Sean and I do.
      Its a frightening outlook to take on board and I think people in general struggle to believe such acts could be carried out by our good ole Kiwi government.

      Have you ever watched Michael Tsarion on You Tube?

  3. It would be good to run a poll on how many NZ’ers understand NWO and are actually trying to figure way’s of fighting this tyranny and slow enslavement.

    WE think not many people know about it or are interested in what people are saying, however we may be very wrong. Our little country may have quite a force against NWO living within it.

    So, is anyone out there computer savy and knows how to set up a poll?

  4. I have known about the New World Order for some time now sadly its harder in New Zealand as no one really talks to each other.

    The New World Order must fall its them or us to secure New Zealand John Key who may have attended Bilderberg in 2011 when he went to the Unitied States for peace talks with Obama.

    If you know anything about Obama and I have been watching the American Region of the world for a while and events in libya you will know that Obama loves his peaceful wars and drops peace bombs on everyone so if he has talked with John Key then i fear for us New Zealanders.

    We need better contacts I have tried to get on the Alex Jones show at infowars him and his team are at Bilderberg meetings all the time so if i can talk to Alex Jones then i may be able to find out if John Key has indeed attended Bilderberg 2011 or bohemian grove 2011.

    If any other New Zealanders see this that know about the new world order go to the number to the Alex Jones radio show is there and you can get on the show using skype.

    Mankind is threatened stand or fall before it is to late.
    I fear one day if the New World order takes control of New Zealand they will utilize 1080 poison and Agent Orange on us

    New Zealand produced alot of Agent Orange a toxan dumped on people that leads to Cancers and burning flesh this was produced here during the Vietnam war the factory is closed down but both chemicals still remain.

  5. Very informative, i’m afraid not many people know of their existence. Most people here in our country are unaware of the bigger picture these elitists have in store for us. It’s a shame really to think that many in our beautiful country will wake up one day and not know how it came to that point. We need more people like you putting out info like this to our people. Oho Ake (wake up) people,the fight isn’t for land anymore, or against each other,the fight is against elitists for pure existence and freedom in its entirety!!

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