and the guillotine award goes to: Petra Ecclestone for buying America’s most expensive house while 50 million Americans live on foodstamps

Yesterday the news announced that Petra Ecclestone had bought America’s most expensive house. Who’s is Petra Ecclestone you ask? And more over, what is the most expensive house in the US and were is it and why does buying it deserve the guillotine award?

Let’s start at the beginning; Petra Ecclestone is the daughter of Bernie Ecclestone. Bernie is a Billionaire who made his money in amongst others the Formula one races and is the boss of said Formula one empire.

Petra it is said is worth $ 4 billion and already has a pied a terre in London of about $ 56 million. A mere pittance compared to he price of the most expensive house in the US that price being about a $ 150 million.

That being the house of the late Aaron Spelling who built the monstrosity in a French palace style. Sort of like the Versaille palace which housed the King of France who so well deservedly ended his life under the Guillotine too.

According to the wiki data the Versaille palace is about 67,000 m2, has 700 rooms and at the time of the unfortunate eviction of the king and his entourage had only 9 loos, all in the royal quarters, leaving the rest of the court to keep the windows open both for dumping the chamber pots out of and to let is some fresh air.

In the some 350 apartments in those 700 rooms lived hundreds and hundreds of members of the nobility and the circumstances were such that a large number of them had living quarters in Paris and only used the puny rooms for changing attire and receiving guests or doing business. So to say that living circumstances were grand would be an exaggeration. In fact the palace other than the grand quarters of the king and queen was more like an overpopulated unhygienic warren which makes an average social housing estate in the innercities of England seem luxurious by comparison.

Compare this with the House Petra Ecclestone bought with her daddies money for just her and her fiancée and whose most popular waste of time is watching TV together and you get a sense of how wrong the current devision of wealth in the US and the wider global sphere.

The house she just bought as her second house is a mere 56,500 sq ft. making it about a third of the Versaille palace but with a 123 rooms of which 14 bedrooms all with their own bathrooms, several swimming pools a present packing room and other assorted luxuries it is fair to say that the opulence in which Petra Ecclestone can roll both in England and the US  far outshines that of the most notorious of all kings that of Louis IV the man who brutally oppressed his own people and whose grandson, a man who loved to build clocks and whose wife loved to play peasant in her small palace called the Trianon (Sort of the batch behind the palace if you consider  John Key’s house the batch to the Versailles palace) paid the price for his families greed and brutality by loosing his head under the guillotine.

Now if you consider all this and then keep in mind that her father thinks its perfectly OK to demand that les citoyens (citizens) of Auston Texas pay more tax so he can build another bloody great big Formula 1 race track and some 50 million people, one quarter of which children, live on food stamps while these parasites live it up in their obscene palaces and live luxurious and pampered lives I hope you will agree with me that while I aim to live peacefully, the thought of a guillotine parked in front of their homes and them yanked out of said houses and put under said guillotine seems like a bloody good idea.

That is of course until the red before your eyes fades away again and you remember to be like Gandhi.

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