Comments encouraged

I have made it easier for people to comment on this blog. I hope people will do so and help me get my ratings up that way. I’m also very interested in links to information about John Key and the international finance elite.

6 thoughts on “Comments encouraged

  1. Just wanted to say: keep up the good work. It is appreciated. Your blogs are one of my “must-read-when-I-get-a-chance” sites. Thanks for making comment posting easier.

    • Thanks,

      Great that you appreciate the comment section made easier. Feel free. it all helps in the exposure department and it is interesting to see what people have to say.

  2. Many thank for providing this highly informative blog – a wider and “wiser” perspective! I don’t always have the time to post a comment and usually have very little to add to your already excellent writing and research, but I am very grateful for this blog and thanks for making it easier to post any comments:)

    • Hia doll,

      Nice to know you still read my blog. Any time you feel like adding something feel free. I have the feeling it is just going faster and faster and find it hard to keep up with all the crap their pulling.


  3. Great – now I can tell you what a wonderful job you do and how my site members and I appreciate and enjoy your writings and musings.

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