On fuel fleas, ash clouds and radioactive whales and why there is no place to hide from Fukushima (not even New Zealand)

Not that you would know from New Zealand’s mainstream media but we have a teensy bit of a nuclear problem.

“Not here,” you say,” that’s only in Japan,” you say!!. Well actually no the problem is a world wide problem and that includes New Zealand and here is why:

  1. According to Arnie Gundersen when interviewed on CNN inhabitants of Seattle breath in on average five fuel fleas (Microscopic radioactive “hot” particles) a day (for the month of April) while inhabitants in Tokyo breath in about 10 a day and inhabitants of Fukushima prefecture are exposed to about 30x that. These fuel fleas are undetectable by Geiger counters which are only effective in so called gaseous circumstances and the fact that Seattle inhabitants are exposed to such doses of radioactive particles proves that radiation is spread around the globe via the Northern jet stream.
  2. According to the same Arnie Gundersen TESCO recalculated the amount of radioactive material released in the initial meltdowns which until recently they maintained hadn’t happened, to be many times more than the initial calculations and other than the “noble gasses measurable with Geiger counters because of the abundance of gamma ray bombardments he also states that the previously mentioned fuel fleas were abundantly present and here he explains what that means.
  3. Much of the Radioactive fallout ended and is still ending up in the pacific ocean, the groundwater and as such will inevitably end up in the global food chains. From the 6 minke whales caught by the Japanese whaling fleet some 650 km North of Japan 2 were radioactive. While this article states that the amount of Radioactive contamination was still far beneath the “danger” level it shows that the contamination can not be contained to Japan or it’s local waters.
  4. According to RT the amount of radiation found outside the no go area is now a 1000 times higher than “normal” and there is fear that the power station will run out of space to store contaminated water. This will mean more radiation in the oceans and more pressure on the teams who are trying to solve the problems at the station (which are unsolvable anyway) New radioactive isotopes such as Strontium and Krypton are being released and TEPCO does not expect to bring the ongoing release of radioactive material to end any time soon.
  5. According to Nuclear scientist Leuren Moret the West coast of North America should have been evacuated straight after the disaster and she contents that the entire west coast and it’s inhabitants are now contaminated. This means that milk, fresh produce and water are contaminated and will for the foreseeable future continue to build up in both the environment and the foos chains depending on that environment.
  6. Today Stuff.co.nz and NZH.co.nz both reported that due to the ash clouds from the erupting Chilean Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcano in Shile which are currently blowing over New Zealand Quantas and Jetstar both refused to fly the trans Tasman route while jet star also cancelled New Zealand national flights. While you might ask yourself what this has to do with Fukushima it pays to realise that if the relatively heavy ash particles are able to transport themselves over the entire Pacific in a matter of days  and disrupt flight traffic, invisible nano sized radioactive “fuel fleas” are equally manageable for the powerful jet streams to be transported around the entire Northern atmosphere and will continue to be transported around the globe for at least another year contaminating the entire Northern atmosphere and landmass with huge amounts of Radioactive material. Undetectable, unnoticeable and untraceable.
  7. For those of you labouring under the misconception that New Zealand since it is on the Southern hemisphere and will therefore be spared here are some thoughts to ponder: We import cereals, fruit, vegetables, meat, canned fruit and vegetables clothes, cars and medicines from Japan, the US, China, Korea and other countries (you will notice that the biggest exporters to New Zealand are either Japan or uncomfortably close to Japan.Nobody is currently checking these products but you can count on it that those radioactive particles will travel with these products to the Southern hemisphere and unless you can guarantee that you are only eating local produce and making clothes cars and other products over here from local resources you can count on those particles entering you and yours on a regular base.

2 thoughts on “On fuel fleas, ash clouds and radioactive whales and why there is no place to hide from Fukushima (not even New Zealand)

    • Of course. the whole idea that we are in a “separate” system is preposterous. It’s one planet and only one planet. It’s hideous, especially with guys like Bob Fyfe saying that it’s people like us or the “Sensationalist” press are the ones causing the problems

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