I guess we won’t be leaving Afghanistan: Politician beheaded by “Taliban”

I haven’t found it in the New Zealand mainstream yet but Bamiyan where most of the New Zealand “Rebuilding” team was based just got a whole lot more dangerous as the “Taliban” beheaded a Politician and member of the Council was found beheaded.

The region was to be turned over to Afghanistan supervision in July. I guess that won’t happen now.

KABUL — Police found the beheaded body of a politician in central Afghanistan on Tuesday, three days after he was abducted by suspected Taleban-linked militants, a police commander said.

Jawad Zahaak was head of the provincial council in Bamiyan, seen as one of the country’s most peaceful areas and among the first wave of places to transition from Western to Afghan security control from around July.

He was kidnapped while travelling in the neighbouring province of Parwan on Saturday and his beheaded body was founded dumped near a main road, Parwan police chief Sher Ahmad Maladani told AFP.

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Good thing than that the US also wants to stay another 6 years to train the “Afghans” eh?
And funny how it coincides with the aggressive US policy according to the departing secretary of defence Gates



One thought on “I guess we won’t be leaving Afghanistan: Politician beheaded by “Taliban”

  1. Do you really think it was the Taliban that did the dirty deed? Could the US’s desire to stay be linked with the discovery last year of about US$1 trillion of gold, iron, lithium and copper deposits. Nevermind the fact that the minerals actually belong to the Afghani’s.

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