Fukushima: three months ago, three full meltdowns, increasing radio activity and no end insight

Japan has finally admitted that, what was blatantly obvious to anybody with more than three braincells, reactors 1, 2 and 3 (filled with MOX, a plutonium/uranium fuel) have endured a full meltdown in the direct aftermath of the Earthquake which hit Japan on March 11th 2011.But the good news is they are keeping the REMNANTS of the cores cool with seawater.

What is also becoming evident is that the fission is ongoing and that there is no solution to the problem as Reactor 1 is getting increasingly more radioactive and other reactors seem to go through cyclic events; starting up, overheating and shutting down releasing evermore radioactive contamination into the atmosphere. The groundwater under the reactors is contaminated and the amount of water needed to keep the nuclear reactions from increasing is such that 370 tanks are being transported to keep the radioactive water from spilling into the ocean.

The radioactive contamination in reactor 1 is so high that it represents 40.000 x rays per hour which means there is no way humanly possible to clean up the mess any time soon.

As the typhoon and rain season approaches rapidly with the first typhoon already in progress the inevitable will happen sooner rather than later in which case part of Japan’s islands may become inhabitable for eternity.

The EPA has stopped measuring the radioactive fallout in the US and there is no access for citizens to access any information about the amount of contamination circling the Northern hemisphere.

Oh, and last but not least: “Small” amounts of Plutonium have been found outside of the reactor. Given that one pound of Plutonium vaporised into the atmosphere can kill the entire human population within weeks, the word small does not fill me with confidence since Reactor 3 the one with the Uranium/Plutonium fuel mixture blew sky high within days of the Earthquake.


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