Dominique Strauss-Kahn, uber boss of the IMF pulled of a plane for raping a black maid in the hallway of a hotel?

Ok, tell me when was an ex minister of finance in charge of one of the most powerful financial institutions in the world ever yanked out of a first class seat of a plane for the alleged rape of a maid, a black maid at that, of a hotel???

Here is a man, and ex minister of finance of France widely regarded as the only man who could beat Sarkozy in the next French elections and the head of the IMF on his way to France sitting in the first class section of an Airoplane with very likely diplomatic immunity who gets yanked of said plane on the say so of a black maid in a hotel.

Make no mistake, if he did rape her I am all for arresting him and throwing away the key but it seems unlikely that a man of his stature and with his interests would first of all attempt to rape someone in the hallway of a hotel and… even more suspicious; since when was the word of a black poor woman enough to get a rich white man arrested under such humiliating circumstances because let’s face it; to be pulled of a plane about to take off is pretty high profile.

It most certainly will destroy his prospects of running against Sarkozy and his career as the CEO of the IMF. I wonder on whose toes he stood to get him destroyed like this? I reckon they Spitzered him.

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