The banker speaks: John Key “We cannot afford KiwiSaver”.

When a banker speaks he lies!!! I’m not talking about your local branch of course but the big investment banking institutions such as Merrill Lynch and Bank of America.

For starters they are telling you that money is real. That must be the biggest lie of all: That digital numbers on your computer screen and the pieces of paper they give you are real. Well, you say I can buy my food with it and that makes it real.

No, what makes it “realish” is that you and I agree to use it as an intermediary to make live easier. I produce food and sell it to you for an amount agreed upon so I can go somewhere else later to buy something you could not provide in bartering. That is the function of “money” and the only function it should have.

What John Key and his former boss Merrill Lynch now the Bank of America are telling you is that money is so real, it’s more real than the food and the other products we need to live our lives and that makes them the powerful and us the ones producing the stuff you buy with money entirely depending on them. In fact with the lie they call money they are now speculating with the food you and I need to live our lives.

What’s more they have come up with some awesome scams such as Derivatives to make more digital numbers called money. These digital numbers are now going funny and the collapse everybody is speaking of is the collapse of the lies from the bankers. So if John Key is telling you there is no more money, what he is actually telling you is the lie we’ve been telling you for the last oh, 400 years is collapsing but until you can see through it we are going to suck you dry and steal all the real world wealth from you in exchange for the lie of money.

When a banker open his mouth he lies!!!

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