Registrar: U K L Lee. Ukelele? Give me a break or why I have become a birther.

Yesterday, President Obama released his long form birth certificate. He did so by breaking in on all TV stations throughout the US. A measure of intrusion usually reserved for Calamities like say declaring the state of emergency in the case of 161 tornado’s killing hundreds of people and destroying entire areas of America’s infrastructure.

As was expected this document available online from the White House site in PDF form was downloaded by everybody and their dog and subjected to scrutiny by anybody with a drawing or photo editing program and as a person who in her past had to work extensively with both Photoshop and Illustrator I was mesmerised by the simplicity with which even pimple faced adolescents could tear this document apart.

So lets here it from one of them and let me say that if you weren’t before I bet you that like me you will end up wondering why the hell they don’t just release the true certificate to the public.

6 thoughts on “Registrar: U K L Lee. Ukelele? Give me a break or why I have become a birther.

  1. Obama is a total fraud, his family is fraudulent, an arranged marriage to make him look good, loads and loads of negativity behind this so called man, homosexuality, possible murders
    including Toots, etc., etc. Pushing the NWO Bush agenda and Jeb wants in now. I have seen a half dozen experts analyze the document, the last one was a document analysis expert, analyzing just from a layman’s point of view he indicated 20 frauds on the long form birth certificate.
    When I saw the document for the first time, I said this is a joke and became a birther for the first time. The United States is doomed if this keeps up. There is so much in the way of negativity and secret conspiracies going on it is almost unbelievable. The last person to analyze the document came to the same conclusions I did the first time I viewed the so-called birth certificate, that being, the people that put this document together didn’t know what they were doing at all or somebody wants Obama outed! One question: Are his children actually his?

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  3. My son knows illustrator back and forth. It is a fake document. He knew immediately and no you cannot scan in different layers. What a maroon.

  4. What a lot of nonsense. You may know a lot about Adobe Illustrator but you seem to know very little about scanning software. I was able to create a scanned PDF file with layers just depending on what scanning options I used. Whoever scanned President Obama’s birth certificate should have been more careful in the choice of options given how many conspiracy nutters there are around!

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