For God, Queen and Country. Or how we kill, torture and contaminate for Gold, oil and drugs.

It is ANZAC day today and John Key, so we are told, has found new inspiration: A gravestone with his fathers name on it has apparently been located in Caterpillar Valley Cemetery in the north east of France yesterday and he wants to know if there are connections to his family.

His real dad of course died as an alcoholic leaving his family destitute on a council estate but just like Kate Middleton has found that lo and behold she is a descendant of Edward III making her sort of nobility, John Key with the help of his publicity team of course does what every parvenu has done since the beginning of times; you make it up as you go along and if you don’t have the genealogy you just dig up something, someone, somewhere and if you go back far enough you will link up with someone who did something at some stage making you feel like you belong up there with the others of the parasite class living off the labours of others.

And what a moment to announce these connections too! Just when John Key has been invited to watch the marriage of the two of the top parasites and more young men are needed to die in their godforsaken illegal wars of aggression and just when the plebs is dragged out of their beds in the morning to go through the “Lest we forget” farce keeping them under the illusion that their dead young men who died in their wars to monopolise the resources in countries of other people actually mean something. They don’t. To them the young men who die are just cattle to be send to slaughter in their wars of greed and destruction.

From Gallipoli to Afghanistan, from the thousands of young men send to die in a useless military action as conscripted soldiers to the boys send to Afghanistan to help “rebuild the country” and who will come back contaminated with Deadly depleted Uranium which is used to kill and destroy the local population for the next 4.5 billion years they mean absolutely nothing to the parasite class enjoying the spoils of  war while our young die for Gold, Oil and the Drugs they sell to them when they come home broken and traumatised.

And until the families and villages from whence those who volunteer for their missions of destruction came and mourn them for the ignorant, naive and honest suckers they were, wars will rage around the globe and vain, narcissistic, greedy men like John Key will steal names from war gravestones to bestow upon themselves honour they don’t deserve, from those who died for their wealth while celebrating each others marriages and successes laughing al the way to the bank about the stupidity of those who died to allow them to live in lap of luxury.

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