The Case for a New Building 7 Investigation 1: Dr. Greame MacQueen- Foreknowledge

On 9/11 2001 a third building collapsed. Most people to this day don’t know about this building which is why a group of family members and survivors of the attacks on 9/11 have organised themselves in order to bring Building 7 awareness  to as many people as possible.

What was building 7.  Building 7b was one of the buildings of the World trade centre in New York. It was a 47 floor high rise steel framed building which was twice reinforced to withstand a nuclear blast. It contained the bunker of Giuliani which was build there as a his emergency operating centre and the New York head quarters of the CIA. It also contained the library housing all the legal data on hundreds of Wall street banking court cases.

All of this was destroyed when on 9/11 5:20 PM local time the building collapsed in 6.5 seconds in free fall speed into its own footprint. What made this collapse so unique was that it was the only ever building to collapse in this manner as the result or so NIST claims of office fires or as the result of anything other than a controlled demolition.

In the following 1th part of a three part series Dr. Graeme MacQueen introduced by Dr. William Pepper, International Human Rights Attorney makes the case for confirmed foreknowledge of the buildings collapse.

How come TV senders such as the BBC and CNN and many fire fighters and officials knew that BUilding 7 was going to collapse as there had never been and never has been since a collapse of a steel framed building without the aid of a well executed controlled demolition? Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Dr. Greame MacQueen:

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