Nick Smith’s wild and wacky adventures

Nick Smith is going on an adventure. He is going to tell the Japanese and the Chinese that because we want to buy their goods, they have to curb their Carbon footprint.

Apart from the bizarre contradiction this presents since we are the ones selling our coal to them as Trillion (who wrote an excellent rap song about John Key) pointed out on his facebook page it also shows with breathtaking clarity how far removed Nationals politicians and our government are removed from reality.

Let me show you how.  Here we have a man who thinks that it will make a flying jot of difference whatever he says in talks with two of the biggest economic powerhouses which reflects badly on how realistic he assesses is own worth in the world but not only that, in going to Japan to talk about Carbon emissions he exposes his utter and total ignorance in matters of urgency for the Japanese government and the Japanese people.

I’m sure visits such as these are planned well in advance and as such we shouldn’t be surprised that Nick Smith will go to both Japan and China on the planned date. Circumstances however have changed dramatically in that Japan now has two confirmed meltdowns on its hands and has more serious worries than Carbon emission levels.

In fact in travelling to Japan alone as a foreign dignitary representing New Zealand (with the idea of having a bit of a holiday it seems) and by ignoring the apocalypse developing in Japan, which within the foreseeable future will affect the entire planet in as yet unknown quantities, he displays such an arrogance that I seriously (once again) doubt the man’s ability to perform any public function with the degree of competence needed to further New Zealand’s interests abroad and at home for that matter.

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