Notes on the developement of the New Zealand police state: Tike Taane, Greenpeace and the use of the army to subdue civilian protests.

As a 55 year old white middle class woman you would think that I would be happy to see Tiki Taane arrested for singing a song called Fuck the police.

But I’m not. In fact I’m horrified that an artist singing/rapping the song of another artist expressing anger at the arbitrary power one group of a society can wield over another merely because the ruling elite pays them a salary would be subject to capture and possible abuse by the selfsame group criticised in that song.

I am horrified because today while Tiki Taane was in jail for singing this song a policeman was declared not guilty of five counts of abuse in what seems a fairly constant stream of Police officers who are able to get away with random acts of violence in this country such as this, this and this.

In fact it scares the shit out of me that the opinion of one man only who happens to wear a police uniform can stop the legitimate freedom of speech from another while the New Zealand government orders the NZ army to assist the police in a civilian matter such as the environmental organisation Greenpeace  which is protesting the intended deep sea oil drilling operations by foreign interests.

Just for that alone I think that every blogger in the NZ blogosphere should link to a rendition of “Fuck the police” from Niggers with Attitude. Mine has to be Rage against the machine as that is one of my all time favourite bands for expressing anti Government sentiments.

Oh Shucks, Tumeke picked the same song. Oh, well great minds think alike I quess.

One thought on “Notes on the developement of the New Zealand police state: Tike Taane, Greenpeace and the use of the army to subdue civilian protests.

  1. Hi folks!
    Know about this?

    ” OPERATION 8″
    CutCutCut Films is pleased to announce the release of Operation 8, a feature length documentary about the 2007 ‘anti-terror’ raids. Operation 8 is screening in the 2011 World Cinema Showcase, in Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin – with the world premiere on Sunday 17 April, 2.45pm at the Paramount Cinema in Wellington.

    Screening times are as follows:

    Wellington – Paramount Theatre
    Sun 17 April, 2.45 pm; Mon 25 April, 2.45 pm; Wed 27 April, 3.15 pm

    Auckland – Skycity Theatre
    Mon 18 April, 3.00 pm; Mon 18 April, 8.15 pm

    Dunedin – Rialto Cinemas
    Mon 9 May, 8.30 pm; Tue 10 May, 11.15 am

    Tickets for the film are available at the respective cinemas.
    You can read about the film and watch the trailer here:
    Given all the ‘MAN ON THE MOON’ headlines about the ‘Tuhoe terrorists’ (yeah right), then the attempted silence on the public’s right to know that the accused were going to be denied their right to a jury trial – this should be a VERY interesting documentary?

    Penny Bright

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