No Shit! Fukushima nuclear plant to be entombed in concrete as Japan admits it has lost battle with crippled reactors

With the news that the radio active core of the second reactor has started to melt through the bottom of its protective containment vessel and the plans to entomb the entire plant with a “shroud” Chernobyl style the worst of the fears most of us had have come through. A nuclear apocalypse has begun. It is however much worse than the MSM in NEw Zealand let on and the fact that we still allow planes coming from Japan to land on New Zealand soil and the lack of information to the New Zealand population is the most irresponsible course for our government to take.

Let me show you a few video’s from the first week of the troubles in the Japanese nuclear reactor which show you why the battle was lost right from the start.

This is a video from the Japanese TV from the second explosion which blew up the building of the third reactor. What is so interesting about this video is that it shows a close up of the explosion which did not make it to the western senders.

It shows clearly that a huge extremely heavy object came back down to the ground after the explosion. I am no expert but I’d put a fair wager on it that there are not a lot of solid extremely heavy objects in a reactor other than the reactor itself. If that is the case than the reactor was flying through the air on the third day after the Earthquake.

Other than that, videos of the building after the explosion show clearly that nothing other than the frame of the building is left and that means that the pool containing the spent fuel rods some of which made of a mixture of Uranium and Plutonium are gone.



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