Foreshore and seabed law and 2300 billion profit what’s next?

I have only lived here for 5.5 years and consider myself to be a newby on all matters Politic in New Zealand. I may have studied John Key more than most but the complicated and convoluted relationship between Pakeha and Maori is a mystery to me onther than that even I can see that for the Anglo Saxon elite, like anywhere else in the “Empire” the indigenous people are a mere spot on the landscape to be eradicated lovingly absorbed into the bosom of the Empire upon condition of the cessation of asserting their own culture and ownership of the land, coast and seabed their ancestors lived on of course.

The entire foreshore and seabed issue was a magnificent example of how the empire goes about its business. I was not in the country when labour signed the seabed and foreshore act and don’t want to comment on that since it is of little consequence on what will happen in the near future.

What I do want to bring under your attention is the following:

On the 7 of March the following article appeared in the Taranaki daily times announcing that an estimated $ 2300 billion worth of Iron ore was to be mined along the West coast of the North Island.

On the 8 of March the Standard wrote that the Foreshore law had been brought forward under cover of the earthquake.

And yesterday it was announced that the new law had been voted for and accepted.

Lastly, I haven’t read the actual law but I will now and I wouldn’t be surprised to find a few small print niggly rules about how big business can assert their power with loads of money while those trying to protest our coast and fisheries can not. Especially now that the right to financial help for a lawyer if you can not afford one is being cut as we speak.





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