Germany’s Libya Contribution: Merkel Cabinet Approves AWACS for Afghanistan

Much is made from the German’s refusal to help out in Libya. That they would not help is of course just rubbish but what to do if you suspect you’re population doesn’t buy the involvement in yet another criminal war of aggression? Exactly, you help out in another already accepted war so your criminal mates can free up resources for the new war. Problem solved.

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government approved a plan to send AWACS surveillance planes to Afghanistan in order to free up NATO capacity for operations in Libya. The trans-Atlantic alliance looks set to take over control of the ongoing bombardment of forces loyal to dictator Moammar Gadhafi.

The government of German Chancellor Angela Merkel elected not to take part in the United Nations-approved military operations in Libya. On Wednesday, however, her cabinet voted to increase Germany’s role in surveillance flights over Afghanistan in an effort to free up NATO AWACS planes for ongoing air strikes in North Africa.

The decision, said Defense Minister Thomas de Maizière, is a “political sign of our solidarity with the alliance.” When it comes to standing by its NATO allies, he added, the government doesn’t “require instruction from anyone.”

Wednesday’s decision came in the form of a new draft mandate for Germany’s involvement in Afghanistan. It calls for up to 300 German troops to man AWACS surveillance flights over Afghanistan in support of ongoing operations there. The new mandate, which would not increase German troop presence in Afghanistan from its current maximum of 5,350, must now be approved by the federal parliament, the Bundestag, in Berlin. The center-left Social Democrats, the largest opposition party, have already signaled their likely approval of the measure. A vote on the issue could take place as soon as Friday.

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