China Moves To Save Libyan Leader As Russia Warns Of ‘All Out War’

The shit thing is that if a bunch of thiefs and robbers strike it rich other thiefs and robbers want part of the loot or else!.

China and Russia did not vote at the UN meeting which spawned the “Attack and destroy” “no Fly” zone in Libya.

That doesn’t mean they were against it, it just means they were hedging their bets. Libya a huge country with the biggest oil reserves of the kind the West and the rest of the industrialised countries needs are in Libya and the best thing? Only 6.5 million people to dispense with!

An “urgent” dispatch from Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) chief Mikhail Fradkov to President Medvedev that is circulating in the Kremlin today says that the Chinese warship Xuzhou is preparing to offer protection to Libyan leader Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi and his family to protect them from assassination from the US-led air assault on that North African Nation.

In what this report calls a “stunning betrayal” by the West, Russian leaders say their abstention in the United Nation Security Council vote to establish a no-fly zone over Libya to protect its civilian population from both Gaddafi and rebel forces is, instead, being used by the West to engineer their takeover of Libya’s vast oil and water resources, and which we had previously warned about in our March 8th report, “Global Resource War Warned Has Begun Between East-West.”

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