Air NZ boss: Nuke threat overplayed. Oh really?

I understand why Air NZ CEO rob Fyfe wants us to believe that the nuclear threat is “overplayed”. It would mean the end of what is quit possibly one of the most lucrative destinations for Air NZ.

Denial however is not something New Zealanders can afford themselves if they want to avoid the huge contamination taking place in the Northern Hemisphere.

Here are some things you ought to know in order to make up your mind about what is really going on in Japan and the US for that matter.

  • Aeroplanes contaminated with Nuclear fallout including individual people have arrived in the US.
  • Food in the fukushima region Japan is contaminated with radioactive fallout and can not be eaten any more.
  • Radio active iodine has been found in Tokyo indicating that Radio active fallout has been dispersed as far away as Tokyo meaning that aeroplanes taking of from Tokyo will bring Radio active particles with them to their destinations.
  • According to ABC/NBC the plume with Nuclear fall out has now reached the Atlantic ocean. This I would like to emphasise is just the first and lowest radiation levels as these are the radiation which escaped in the early stages of the Nuclear calamities in the Fukushima. Added to that this means that a nuclear cloud has travelled over the entire landmass of the US of A.
  • On 20 March the Daily mail announced that the workers at the Fukushima powerplant were still battling to gain control over the runaway reactors. Pressure was building again in reactor number three but water pumped into reactors number 6 and 7 appeared to have cooled down the fuel rods somewhat but they still admitted that the reactors might have to be doused with water for months (that is a lot of water with radioactive fallout going back into the oceans) before the reactors could be buried under concrete. In the same article it mentioned that radio active produce imported from Japan has been found in the Taiwan.
  • It pays to remember that the IAEA it an organisation whose primary goal is to promote nuclear energy.

If I were an employee of Air NZ working in Tokyo I would download that page and sue the idiot if I survived long enough.

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