Speaking in Auckland

This Sunday I will be speaking at a rally organised by Penny Bright in Auckland. the Rally is from 3-5 and my speaking time will depend on how fast I can make it from Hamilton were I’m giving a course about food and fermentation for the Perma culture trust, to Auckland. I expect to be in Auckland for the entire meeting but having said that I might be a little late but I will most definitely be there as I don’t want to miss the opportunity to meet Penny and all the other awesome activists she hopes to introduce me too.

The subject I will be speaking about is one close to my heart:

Recently John Key stated that while he was working for Merrill Lynch the bank was a shiny example of integrity and after he left the morale became as corrupted as hell itself and oh yeah the sub prime instruments did not get developed until 2005.

I will endeavour to relieve y’all from that notion. Both the Bankers trust and Merrill lynch were in the forefront of the most corrupt of all trades; Financial Derivatives.
And when the Bankers trust collapsed as the result from a court case from Proctor & Gamble against this bank and the release of a series of recorded conversations between bank employees  clearly showing how corrupt the entire banks structure was. John Key was poached by Merrill Lynch to continue the BT corrupt practices.

Want to know more? Come see us at the below address on Sunday.


Somerville Intermediate School
39 Somerville Rd

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