John Key, the king of Bahrein and “the” royal wedding

When John “food banks are a lifestyle choice” Key was asked if he thought that Mubarak should go he responded with a very clear and unambiguous,”No”.

Never mind that the last Pharaoh had been on the throne of Egypt for more than 30 years and the people of Egypt had shown with abundance that they wanted to see him gone. The reason? A Democratic Egypt could be dangerous to Israel.

Mubarak disappeared and we will no doubt hear about his sudden demise same as the dictator of Tunisia lays in a coma and is most  likely not to wake up again. Such is the fate of Dictators no longer useful to the Wall street/City of London empire.

Even as the revolution spreads amongst our Muslim brothers and sisters and their elites try to crush them with violence, mercenaries and brutal, brutal suppression today we find out were the loyalty of our Prime minister lies and surprise surprise it is not with us the “common” people no matter were we live.

His loyalty lies with the global ruling elite as he tells us that he will attend the wedding

of one of the prime candidates for the guillotine once the people wake up from their slumber: his royal highness Prince William who other than having been born in the lap of luxury and to a dubious ancestry of a parasitic family scamming the people of the Common wealth out of their hard earned living with subsidies and exemptions of tax while those of us working our fingers to the bone have to pay and pay and pay has no qualities which justify the exorbitant cost of his coming nuptials.

Who will he share this “honour” with? The king of Bahrain who just ordered his army to shoot protesting subjects, the king of Tonga who after hundreds of years of feudal rule finally has to give in to the populations demand for democracy and the king of Saudi Arabia who suppresses his population viciously while living a life of decadent debauchery to name but a few.

Yep, John has been a good boy and while that black bugger Obama can shove it as this is a royal white event our PM will be one of the royals foot soldiers permitted to attend the wedding of the future king of England and the ruler of the common wealth group of colonies of which New Zealand is but one.

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