Mubarak is gone, let’s celebrate at least today for tomorrow the reality sets in.

This morning I woke up to the wonderful news that Mubarak has resigned his position as the president of Egypt. Having seen his speech on al Jazeera yesterday I had lost hope that this was ever going to happen.

So rejoice for the people of Egypt. I really do. They spoke and after 18 long days their voice was finally heard and that was that. It was as it should be. Leaders should be afraid of their population and not the other way around. They have given all of us hope that if and when we have had enough we too can speak up and liberate ourselves from our oppressors. So Shukran bezaf.

I am however watchful and will be writing about the situation in Egypt over the next few days as peace settles I hope at least for a while over the land of the Pharaos as the last of these kings has to hide in exile to escape the peoples wrath for tomorrow the new reality will emerge and I fear it will not be pretty.

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