War crimes and the Bush family; Let them feel the consequences.

Last year G.W. Bush bragged about ordering the act of torture known as waterboarding and this weekend he had to cancel his trip to Switzerland where he was going to be a guest speaker for a annual Jewish conference.

He had to cancel his trip because several activist groups were planning to take him to court for his admission to ordering waterboarding and it is sign of the times perhaps that rather than finding out how much diplomatic protection he still had he cancelled his trip to stay in the safety of his own country where he can still move freely. This is quite a  development because a year ago he still felt confident enough to travel to Canada.

Another sign of the times is perhaps the fact that “Republican” representative and former presidential candidate  Ron Paul took the extraordinary step of reading a statement providing evidence of the fact that Dubbya’s daddy had lied to the general public about the reasons for the first war in Iraq thereby entering this evidence into the congressional record where it will for ever be part of the public record and therefore accessible to the general public and maybe one day this might serve as a reason to indite the family who have generation after generation conspired ot commit war crimes in the name of all Americans.

One can live in hope

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