John Key, Liz Hurley and the Royal wedding

Once again John Key has made an utter fool of himself by going life with another bright example of New Zealand’s manhood Tony Veitch, the Sports presenter who famously thought that kicking his girlfriend of the stairs and kicking her in the back as she lay  on the floor paralysing her temporarily was a good idea until he got found out after which he paralysed the country on occasion with yet another failed suicide attempt, gawking over the tits of Liz Hurly and other assorted media babes.

This time it made the UK Daily mail and while the article predictably described the women who objected to what was basically your average drunken barbecue  conversation, barbecues which I might add try to avoid due to the high misogynist content of the conversations, as coming out with their talons out and the blokes as saying ,” I respect him even more now that I know he’s got lots of testosterone  running around his veins” (WTF) Idon’t think that even in misogynist  England it will endear him to the people entrusted with inviting people to the royal wedding he would so like to be invited too.  Not that I give a fuck about the royals but what a pathetic little man he is for all his money and status.

In Europe we call people like him parvenus, nouveau rich, which translates as insignificant, lightweight, menial, nix, nothing, parvenu , small potato, squirt, upstart, wimp*, zero*, zip and what it means is that no matter how much money you have you’ll never make it to where you want to go because you just don’t have any class. That you see is the one thing you can’t buy. No matter how much money you spend on your fancy house, car, trofee wife or parties inviting lots of famous people, you can’t buy that.

Oh oops, did I just say that? I must be one of those women who wanted to be on his drool list.


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