Maybe John Key knows something we don’t when he supports Mubarak

John Key declared his support for Mubarak this morning on breakfast TV and while most sensible people would go:”WTF”?, John Key may be on to something.

The people of Egypt after 29 years of being ruled by one dictator and after almost 60 years under one party rule feel like it is perhaps time for a democratic election because the economic inequality is unacceptable and the corruption is strangling the country. If this sounds reasonable to you you might be interested in the following:

According to the Gini Coefficient used in the World CIA Report_2009 and it hs goe down hill since then New Zealand is on a par with countries such as Egypt, Morocco, India and Pakistan to name just few with regards to the economic equality or rather inequality of its citizenry.

What’s more countries such as the US land of the home and the free has an even more despicable inequality of income. In fact it is as bad as China and Venezuela (Venezuela luckily having a president who wants the population getting a better deal rather than the ruling elite.)

No wonder then that the US has banned its population from listening to alJazeera English. The American might just wake up and that would be the end of the likes of our Wall street banksters. So for John Key to support Mubarak is when you think about it not so strange because he may not have ruled for 29 years the country is going to shit and a populations screwed is a population angry and that is not a good thing for the likes of John Key.

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