The Global revolution has begun.

Update: Egypt’s leaders export Gold bullion in an attempt to pre-empt possible popular uprising

I don’t like revolutions. They are messy, bloody and invariably the wrong people along with some of the right people get killed. I like my world peaceful and calm and if I’m not hungry and have roof over my head you can rest assured I will not revolt.

However what I need and that is really not a lot when you think about it, is what most people want out of life so if those very basic needs are not met or more horrible still actively denied you can rest assured people will revolt.

When Mohamed Bouazizi a Tunisian street vendor was once again hassled and had his merchandise for which he had to go into debt to be able to buy it was confiscated burned himself to death in a suicide driven by dispair thousands of people in similar situations took to the streets driving the much hated Dictator Ben Ali and his hairdresser wife out of the country and the population isn’t done yet.

Unrest in Jordan and Egypt amongst others followed and riots around the world against the rising food and oil prices (Pushed up primarily by unscrupulous speculators) are expanding and while New Zealand is still peaceful I expect that in the year to come we will see a rising unrest about the tax breaks for the rich and the rising unemployment and poverty for the rest.

We may not douse ourselves with fire and torch ourselves but angry we will get.

No I really don’t like revolutions but what I like doesn’t come into it. As Bertholt Brecht said: First comes food then comes moral.
That’s right, when you’re hungry you do whatever it takes to feed you and yours no matter what the rich tell you about how you shouldn’t steal.

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