On the last day of 2010: Trends for the next year, it’s not looking to good.

Pondering the next year and what to put on this blog is not easy. Good wishes notwithstanding the reality of our world and the future of our species is dire to say the least.

My predictions for the foreseeable future must be:

  • The economic collapse of the US and the loss of the reserve currency status for the Dollar will present New Zealand with almost insurmountable problems because with the collapse of the US China and India will face a huge economic setback too.
  • 48 million people in the US on food stamps and with the inevitable rise of the prices of oil and food starvation is almost certainly guaranteed for those poor enough to have to rely on food stamps. That is about 12x the entire population of New Zealand.
  • Europe will face even more economic upheaval than this year as its populations will be forced into poverty and servitude because of the forced austerity measures. If the bomb attacks and demonstrations in Greece and Ireland are anything to go by we will see more and more grass root and violent protest against the international banksters.
  • Here in New Zealand the population misled by its mainstream media and of a rare naivety with regards to its leaders (Voting in a Wall street bankster as Prime minister FFS) will slowly wake up to a country sold to foreigners and mined in one last rampage of greed by John Key’s International mates and will have to work in servitude for low wages in servile jobs without the chance to earn a way out of poverty if they are dumb enough to vote for John Key again.
  • If things go really bad we will see an attack on Iran and an evermore widening of the last wars of a self destructive empire even while its population at home starves to death surrounded by toys made with slave labour in China living in bad quality tents made by those same underpaid slaves.
  • Over here we will see a ever growing number of Kiwi’s leaving for Australia to take the chance of a better future as it becomes more and more clear that the National lead government is incapable and unwilling to take the lead in building a better and sustainable society which has a place for all instead of the exclusive hell only to be enjoyed by the few with enough income they are developing now.

We are entering an age of decay this planet has never seen before and I am scared.

I leave you with this video of the explosions which set all of the above in motion. 2011 is the year of the tenth anniversary of the events that started the wars and ruined the US economy and send shock waves through out the world bullying everybody in to obedience and submission to the leaders of the biggest most powerful empire. We watch it collapse and hope for the best but it ain’t looking good from where I stand.

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