Ka ki teanoa

To all you Pono kairākau out there. I am proud to know you and I am calling upon you to make 2011 a year to remember.

Let’s make it the year the lie was broken and truth prevailed. Let’s stand up and be counted as we support the families in their quest for truth and justice, as we support the first responders in… their quest for health care and justice and as we help to expose the lie that has cost thousands of troops and millions of Iraqis, Afghanis en Pakistanis their lives and loves.

I will prepare for battle with a bath in a river this evening to cleanse my body and my soul for the new year and to be ready to enter into the spirit world if that is what it takes. I will perform a karakia whati.

Let’s take our world back from the parasites and psychopaths so that the suppressed may finally be free and the earth can start healing.

And above all let’s do it together in all our diversity and rebellious fire.

May the spirits have mercy upon us all.

(And my apologies for the inevitable butchering of te Reo Maori in my attempt to honour those who came to New Zealand before me)

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