Republican Senator Calls Cops on 9-11 Responders

People keep asking me why I bother to keep on about the events of 911. Apart from the obvious such as the two wars started based on the official 9/11 narrative here’s another one:

9/11 never stopped. It is still happening. 100.000 first responders are developing deadly diseases at an alarming rate because of the toxins they breathed and swallowed on that day and in the months after. They are dying and suffering right now. They were as far as I am concerned murdered on that day it just took a while for death to catch up with them.

So for those of you who labour under the illusion that 911 is in the past and was the result of 19 young extremists attacking America watch this and I challenge you to try to keep your eyes dry when James Zadroga’s father tells us how his son passed away and how his son died after trying to do the right thing by his fellow men when he did his job on the pile left after the collapse of the WTC buildings.

I challenge you not to get furious because 100.000 first responders, the men and women called the heroes of 9/11 are shamefully left to die and suffer while their government spends their tax dollars on illegal wars of aggression and bailing out the banksters.

Yesterday when 911 responders confronted their elected representatives with their needs for the illnesses they developed after inhaling and swallowing the toxic dust of the WTC buildings these same representatives had the gall to call the cops on them. For shame, for shame.

tell me to let go of the biggest crime committed by any government in order to get the world to accept endless war so a few psychopaths can make big profits and kill without any repercussion to them and their families.

Don’t tell me to get a life while these poor souls are dying and suffering because as long as you deny these crimes and this callousness and don’t recognise that the same people who are denying those poor bastards are in power everywhere and that includes New Zealand and they will rob you and kill you and deny you a decent existence just the same they are denying them.

Because in a very real way their plight is that of ours. Of those of us who will die as the result of the gutting of our health and welfare system. Of the callous disregard of the likes of John (“If we cancelled welfare to 330,000 people currently on welfare, how many would starve to death? Bugger all.”) Key of the weakest amongst is in favour of tax cuts of the already rich.

Together we might stand a chance but divided we will fall, and fall and fall.

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