Swedish Military Had Prior Knowledge Of Suicide Blast

Just a week after the Swedish demand for the arrest of Assange resulted in the arrest of Assange in England and the predicted demand of America to extradite him for “treason and spying”  (although he is an Australian and as such has no allegiance and neither does he have to and the emails were given to him and not the result of Assange spying on the US) to the US a suicide bomber killed himself in the streets of Stockholm.

And again the circumstances of the events and the prior knowledge are suspect.

If the military was aware that a suicide bomber was about to kill himself in one of hte busiest streets of the Swedish capital then why didn’t they stop him?

And with the SIS baying for more investigative powers her in New Zealand can we expect the same to happen over here? Especially the local great unwashed was deemed unworthy of being told that full intelligence relations were re-established with the US in 2009?

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