Secrets kept for the ‘public interest’, says Key

If you believe that the secrecy of our government is a good thing and that you are not deserving of the full extend to which our government can keep important information from you because it is in your best interest then I have a really nice bridge for sale in the middle of the Sahara.

I am one of those people who likes up her own mind as to what is in my interest and if people (especially people in government tell me their not telling me everything because that is in my interest that tends to make me very nervous.

Because these are the lessons I have learned in a long life lived under several government which tried to not tell me things for my own best interest:

Lesson number one: Goverments who keep important information from you are up to no good.

Lesson number two: If you believe that you don’t need to know everything there is to know about the relationship our government  has with the most secretive military advanced and oppressive government in the world you deserve everything that’s going to happen in the next say five years.

Lesson number three: If you want to know what that is demand openness from your government with the fuzzy (read; I’ll do what my masters ask off me) prime minister.


The public was not told about the resumption of intelligence sharing with the United States because it was in the best interests of New Zealanders, the Prime Minister says.

Documents leaked to WikiLeaks from the United States Embassy in Wellington reveal that both the US and New Zealand agreed to keep the restoration of their intelligence relationship a secret.

John Key, who was described as “pro-American” in one of the cables, says that was agreed upon with the public interest in mind.

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