By the friends you keep you shall be judged

Today it made the paper that a war criminal will visit this country to celebrate the most decadent of marriages while the population of this country has been told today to prepare for more cuttings in basic services.

Not only that our own prime minister John Key has been invited to attend. So John Key will be attending a marriage which will see a complete over the top Rajasthan setting with one of the worst war criminals in attendance together with John Key and Sarah Palin. If that doesn’t yank your chain I don’t know what will.


A BIG fat Indian wedding is being staged in Auckland next month, complete with lions, tigers, perhaps an elephant or two and a guest list that includes American right-wing idols Sarah Palin and Donald Rumsfeld.

The wedding of Auckland doctor Pooja Chitgopeker to Chicago industrialist Vikram Aditya Kumar will also run to a four-horse chariot, one of India’s leading singers and cricketers Sachin Tendulkar and Anil Kumble.

It will be carried on one of India’s top television programmes, My Big Fat Indian Wedding.

Pooja’s mother Aruna, who admits she is being seriously stressed by the organisation of it all, has no doubt it’s the perfect thing to do for the eldest of her two children.

“It is good to have something unique and special,” she told the Sunday Star-Times.

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