RIP Jeanette MacKinlay.

I didn’t know Jeanette MacKinlay but like a lot of us I dreaded the moment we all knew one way or another was coming. Well, it has come and like a lot of us I grieve for Jeanette.

I didn’t know her but I knew her courage, her art, and her integrity. Jeanette died of the results of the ravages in her body caused by the attacks on New York on 9/11 2001 but she leaves behind a hugely important legacy. It was, you see, Jeanette who gathered a bag of the dust left in her apartment after the towers had come down.

She gave some of this dust to the scientists who were able to analyse this dust and determine that advanced thermites were used to bring the towers down.

The attacks signed Jeanette’s death warrant and whether she had died that day instead of now it doesn’t really matter. She was killed on that day same as the people killed in the towers on that day and the thousands of first responders and New Yorkers present in New York in the aftermath of the attacks.

But her courage and integrity and love and passion and her wisdom in gathering that bag of dust may have given us just that little edge we need to go after her murderers.

So go Jeanette, go into the light and know that your light has shone around the world into the furthest corners and it will continue to inspire all of us to fight the bastards who did this and face whatever we have to face to bring them to justice.

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