On the Kevin Barrett show!!!

I’m extremely proud to announce that I have been booked for the Truth Jihad show from Kevin Barrett aired on America freedom radio.

The show will be on the 14th of December at 6-7 a.m. The show will be recorded will be available for download several hours after the show has aired.

Kevin Barrett is a controversial radio host who is not afraid to address controversial topics and although I hope that my research is not deemed too controversial I am very proud to be a quest on his show.

I will be addressing research I have done into the Demolition planning stage prior to the events of 911. This is research that has not been previously published and I am also proud to announce that Richard Gage has asked me to send the additional information to him on top of what I already send him so he can get me in touch with engineers and 3D modellers on his list of supporters for a reverse engineering project.

This is all very exiting to me and while I realise I may sound a little mysterious I promise that the information is already available to the people concerned and will be to all of you after the 14th of December.

2 thoughts on “On the Kevin Barrett show!!!

    • Hia,

      Yeah, didn’t you want me on that show too? I spoke with Will and I’ll be available after the KB show.


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