For shame: John Key calls the miners his brothers.

Of all the shameless, hypocritical and all round lies John Key has been spouting this one must surely be amongst the worst.

“New Zealand is a small country, a country where we are all our brother’s keeper. To lose this many brothers at once strikes an agonising blow. Today all New Zealanders grieve for these men. We are a nation in mourning.”

I think this is true. We should be each others keeper. Especially in this little country and especially in the economic storm ahead of us but we aren’t are we?

Three tax cuts for the rich and the promise of more tax payments for the rest of us. Welfare on the skids, unemployment up and the sick and the elderly cut out of social services tells me that John Key and his robber baron friends don’t give a fuck about you and me and a bunch of miners dying in a mine shaft somewhere on the south island.

What’s more changing the law to allow fire at will the first 90 days and the possibility to blackmail workers out of the fourth week holiday which will affect precisely those workers such as the miners while these poor guys were in the mine and all the attention was directed to their plight is cynical and callous and as far as I’m concerned meant that the John Key’s of this country lost every right to speak as though they represented the salt of the earth workers of this country.

I grief for those men and their families. I pray every day that my husband will survive another 100 km each way to his job and doesn’t have an accident and I can only imagine what the families of these men will go through in the next months and years to come. I can and I am sure most off us can but I put it to you that the John Key’s of this world don’t because if they did they would not destroy the hard fought safety nets of especially these people and the likes of you and me.

So shame on you John Key, shame on you.

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