That old devil: the left/right paradigm, never the twain shall meet?

The last couple of days I have been having fun shaking up the sleepy woefully naive people over at the Standard. Wow, I most certainly underestimated how little people over here really know about the outside world and how having lived in Europe for the first 50 years of my life has given me a treasure trove of information simply not available over here. Just to give you some examples. The erosion of rights, not just theoretically but literally over in the US and Europe. X-ray scanners, invasive pat down procedures if you refuse to enter one of those radiation monsters.

The corruption of mainstream news and the way left and right are played against each other to prevent us from attacking those who really are to blame for the economic collapse, two wars bankrupting the US and the real economic disasters playing out world wide but one I think is even more important is the way all over the world people considered once to be of such distant parts of the political spectrum that they could even talk for seconds without getting into massive fights are actually talking meeting and finding common ground.

One such example is the meeting between Alex Jones and Naomi Wolf. The first for many of the left here a right wing red neck weapon hugging militia boy and the other a  left wing feminist bitch.

Listen to this interview and hopefully it will educate some of you:

One thought on “That old devil: the left/right paradigm, never the twain shall meet?

  1. Naomi Wolf: “Uh, who am I Alex? Well, I am a member of the establishment who is now being used to infiltrate the ranks of the anti-establishment groups as a shill.”

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